In a nut shell

Desktop hosting with CirruSafe, built on Microsoft virtualization technologies, provides cloud-based services enabling secure access to applications and data anytime, anywhere, from any device, with a familiar Windows experience. By removing the management burden from IT, our clients can lower costs, increase productivity, and reduce the risk of data vulnerability.


The history of our business evolution

CirruSafe is the result of the 25 years of business under the name of ManaSyst. In 1997, at ManaSyst our first "cloud" based application was offered to the public in the form of a web application designed to allow our customers to retrieve scanned images of their paper files quickly and efficiently.


Then, as now, the Web.Dox(TM) service was offered for a monthly subscription. At that time the term "cloud service" was unknown. As the owner of ManaSyst, I just wanted to offer the most reliable service possible to our customers with the least amount of hassle for them. The best way I knew how to do that was to take control of what I knew we could do best so our customers could focus on what they do best.


It has always been my opinion that there has been something "upside down" in the Information Technology (IT) business that required an evolution.  After all, today's businesses don't have to keep a generator in their back yard to generate electricity, so why should they have a complex computer server in a closet?  And, like the electric utility, if the technology experts owned the equipment and were paid on a subscription basis, wouldn't their motivation be higher to keep things operating flawlessly?


The evolution begins

In 2000  ManaSyst (aka., inControl Online) became the first customer of Peak-10's Data Center. Previously we operated out of the second story of a building near interstate 295 and 103rd Street.  Peak-10 offered a communications and power infrastructure more reliable than any we could afford to build. Furthermore, they own the communications and power infrastructure and they are paid on a monthly subscription basis.  Let the evolution begin!


The experience gained from hosting our strategic application and the association with Peak-10 launched us into hosting applications for many Jacksonville area organizations such as the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, the Jacksonville Zoo, and the Jacksonville NFL Superbowl Committee, just to name a few.


The evolution continues 

In 2003, we built our first successful hosted desktop based on a "white paper" written by Microsoft. We went to market with our product as "Microsoft As A Service".  While we own the rights to the name, to avoid potential conflicts, and to better exemplify what our company is today, we now call it "Desktop-Host".  The evolution continues!


Desktop-Host better exemplifies the breadth of our hosting services.  Both Microsoft and non-Microsoft software can be hosted on our servers. Many of our hosted customers also have custom software applications which are installed and operated from our servers.  And, our network has broadened to include services hosted in Amazon, Microsoft, and Google data centers.


My goal with my customers is to reduce the amount of IT exposure they have in their businesses to an "off the shelf" personal computer hooked up to the internet with no other software installed and no servers in their offices. I suggest keeping a spare computer so that if one in the office fails, you merely have to pull the broken computer out and replace it with the spare. No emergencies, no lost time waiting for a technician, no expensive repair due to reloading of software and salvaging files when a PC breaks.


For those who have bought into it... the strategy is successful. My clients are my witnesses.



Bruce Franklin - President, CEO
Lindsay Gillespie - Marketing
Doug Moore - Infrastructure and Support
Penny - Morale Manager

Bruce Franklin - President, CEO

Bruce’s experience in information systems began in 1970 as a programmer for Prudential Insurance Company. His career has given him a working view of organizations of all sizes and has taught him how to apply technology in a useful manner. He has participated in many "firsts" in the computer industry including the first book to teach programmers how to debug mainframe computer programs, the first software package ever licensed and resold by IBM, the first to use imaging technology to deliver medical reports to insurance underwriters, and he worked as a consultant to IBM on the development of the first personal computer.


From his early involvement with IBM on the development of the personal computer he became associated with many of the industry's founders including Mitch Kapor, the founder of Lotus 123, Dan Bricklen, the founder of VisiCalc, the original spreadsheet software, and Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft.


He has written books about the computer industry, has been a speaker at national conventions, has participated in national standard setting organizations, and had a seat on the Business Management Committee for the Board of Directors of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) for seven years. Bruce worked as a consultant for large document capture projects, engineering the technology and the staffing that would capture millions of pages of large and small documents used for the operation of oil refineries, financial institutions, agriculture businesses, railroads, property managers, legal services, and government agencies.

Lindsay Gillespie - Marketing

Lindsay Gillespie was born in Jacksonville, Florida as the daughter of a security professional. Her mother has held mainframe computer technology security positions in the banking and retail industries . Lindsay graduated from the Stanton College Preparatory school, the oldest continually operated school in Florida, and consistently in Florida's top 3 for the number of National Merit Semi-Finalists.


While still attending Stanton she started in the retail industry as a Sales Associate and worked her way through the ranks to the General Store Manager's position.  In addition to her marketing responsibility at CirruSafe she also manages our paper scanning operation, attends classes at Florida State College at Jacksonville and raises her two year old son, Keegan.

Doug Moore - Infrastructure and Support

Douglas F Moore Jr., and was born in Jacksonville. Yes, he is a Junior, and he inherited more than his father’s name; he also inherited his personality. There is nothing Doug likes more than to laugh, and he laugh at himself the most. He's a jokester at heart, and always try and see the lighter side of life.


On the other side, he's a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to hobbies and tasks. He will spend countless hours solving problems and puzzles or working with a new hobby. He was a cabinet builder for 20 years before making a career change to his love of technology. He continues to be amazed with the advancements in technology and science over the last 20 years and can only imagine where we will be in the next 20 years.

Penny - Morale Manager

Penny is a rescue from the Jacksonville Humane Society. From the moment she left the shelter she became quite the social butterfly and loves to talk! Penny’s all time favorite thing to do is play fetch. She really puts the “retrieve” in retriever! Other favorite activities include car rides, tug-of-war and visiting her grandpa. Favorite quote: “Rawr, rawr, rawr!! Ball?!”