Will our employees want to use this?

Hosted Desktop allows you to deliver a more attractive work environment for your employees. They’ll get greater flexibility to work from virtually anywhere with an internet connection, on virtually any Windows, Apple, or Android device, in their familiar desktop environment with access to their applications, files, and desktop.

Is it complicated and expensive to implement?

Hosted Desktop is our business and we have the experience and best practices to make it easy for you to implement. We've been hosting applications for our customers since 1999 and we provided our first hosted desktop product to the public in 2003. Hosted Desktop allows you to shift your traditional capital expense IT model to a monthly pay-as-you go operating expense model. Initial expenses will be offset by increased employee productivity (10-15%), more flexibility, predictable monthly expenses, and long term efficiencies.

Should I be concerned about performance and connectivity issues?

The technology used to deliver a hosted desktop solution is very sophisticated and provides a consistent and rich user experience across all hosted desktops and devices. Dramatic improvements video and audio technology help deliver the best possible user experience under varying network conditions, trading off resolution of experience with bandwidth available when required. At office locations, or any location with employee density, should your "wired" service provider become disconnected, CirruSafe offers "wireless" failover solutions.  Plus, employees will be able to access their apps from wherever they need to work.

Should I be concerned about security and compliance issues?

CirruSafe's Hosted Desktop features additional levels of control, isolation, and security to meet your mission-critical needs. It provides an architecture designed to help meet today’s compliance and certification requirements, including SAS-70 Type II, FISMA, Safe Harbor, and HIPAA, and can be further customized to meet other industry specific requirements. You securely access your applications, data, and desktops. Your applications are centrally stored and backed up in our data center. Compare our data center security to your on-premises security. We welcome the opportunity to have you visit the SAS-70 Type II certified data center where our servers are housed.

What about custom apps? Will it work for us?

Custom business applications can also be delivered in a hosted desktop environment. We are able to put all of your applications into our hosted desktop environment and deliver them back to your users with all of their other apps and files.

Wouldn’t it be better to use a SaaS application instead?

Utilizing a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application is not the same, as you are only accessing one application. A hosted desktop can deliver all of your applications (including your SaaS applications), files, data, and your entire profile in one unified experience. Accessing individual SaaS applications is only a small part of the overall hosted desktop service.